RevitaliseU-Kent was born when Jo and Laura met and realised that they shared the same passion for treating an individual person in a holistic way, thereby helping them to improve their mental and physical health.

Together they created their own well-being at work service by combining their years of experience in the office environment and their therapy work. This enables their treatments to be more accessible as staff do not need to leave the office!  RevitaliseU-Kent has worked with many different types of businesses in and around Kent, varying in size and structure.

RevitaliseU-Kent can help:

  • Staff awareness of correct posture at their desk after our Desk Assessment service
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Improve your company brand
  • Increase staff retention rates
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Reduce muscular aches and pains
  • Reduce physical and mental tension
  • Reduce sickness levels

How do we achieve this?

By attending offices, meetings or conferences RevitaliseU-Kent work alongside organisations who are looking to improve the welfare of their staff to support their well-being programme.

We tailor our services to each businesses individual needs and can provide the following:

Treatments / services

  • Display Screen Equipment Assessments
  • Corporate Massage
    • Seated Ergonomic
    • Advanced Clinical Massage / deep tissue
    • Swedish
    • Massage at the desk
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Stress Awareness Talks

We strive to help your employees to feel happier in managing their stress, posture and muscular ailments enabling them to be more productive and better enjoy their working life. We pride ourselves on being flexible, reliable and approachable. Contact us at  to see how we can help you look after your staff !

Quality Assurance

We have been qualified massage therapists for a number of years and feel that continual professional development is important. This provides our clients with the confidence that as therapists we are up to date with our qualifications, conscientious, caring and passionate about our work. We want to share with you our most recent training courses;

2017 – Posturite Display Screen Assessment Assessor

2017 – Advanced Clinical Massage – Foundation course – Jing Brighton

2018 – Advanced Clinical Massage – Shoulder girdle protocol – Jing Brighton

2018 – Mental Health First Aid – Mental Health First Aid England

2019 – Posture Assessment & Posture Correction Jane Johnson – Federation of Holistic Therapists

Going forward into 2020

As a result of such positive feedback we hope to provide the following services;

  • Mindfullness awareness workshops
  • Employees / students healthy laptop / computer use

In our journey we have met so many interesting people who have inspired us to expand our skills further.
We endeavour to always make your experience with us stress free, straightforward and professional.










 Laura Kennard  MFHT                                        Joanne Taylor MFHT