Investors In People State that:

  • 1 in 4 UK employees have a physical health condition
  • Stress, depression and anxiety are behind 44% of all cases of work-related ill health
  • 140 million days are lost each year to sickness absence

Does this sound like your workforce ? Would you like your staff to be more productive, happy and healthier and have lower sickness absence ? Lets face it what business wouldn’t ! But what are you doing to support both their physical and mental health ?

Since 2013 RevitaliseU-Kent have been supporting business with their staff well-being programmes, we are passionate about helping you to have happy, motivated staff who feel supported, valued and looked after. 

The Benefits

Corporate massage and well-being treatments can improve employee productivity and engagement and fit easily into the daily work schedule. Our services are a cost efficient way to reduce stress, alleviate physical and mental tension and are an effective way of looking after your staff, helping them to be more focused, energised and motivated.

Why Choose Us

• As DSE Assessors and massage therapists we feel this combined knowledge has given us a leading edge in providing your employees with first class individual care and advice.

• Experienced professional therapists – fully insured with The Federation of Holistic Therapists

• Personalised service

• Bespoke packages to suit your needs and events

• Mental Health at Work First Aiders

Online Services 

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Face to Face Services 

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Credit: Investors in People