Corporate Massage and Well-Being Events in Kent

Covid 19 update Monday 13th July 2020

Following the recent announcement we are over the moon to hear that the Government and its medical advisors have now deemed it safe for massage therapists to begin treating clients again!

What does this mean for RevitaliseU-Kent?

We will be in contact with the businesses we have been working with to discuss how and when we will be returning to your office. We are excited to be able to continue helping you support your staff and to share our new online services with you. We feel these new services will complement our current treatments and will provide you with even more options to look after your staff even if they are still working from home!

If you are a business in Medway, Kent or indeed beyond and would like to provide staff well-being treatments then do please get in touch as we have several ways in which we can support you with this. If Covid 19 has shown us anything, surely it is that we should all look after our physical and mental health and as corporate well-being specialists we have several ways that we can support businesses to look after their staff.

Our clinics

We are pleased to announce that Jo will be returning to her clinic at Tim Wood Healthcare on Wednesday 22nd July. There will be additional health and safety measures put into place that have already been established for some weeks by owner Tim who, as an Osteopath has been able to work for the last few weeks. These have been working well and have been receiving great feedback from clients. So if you have been experiencing aches and pains during lockdown or perhaps would like some well deserved pampering please contact Jo directly at and she will be able to talk you through the new booking system and pre booking medical questions.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Laura & Jo

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Since 2013 RevitaliseU-Kent have been supporting businesses across Kent and Medway with their health and well-being days. We are here to help your staff feel more motivated, nurtured and rewarded.

What we offer

Range of corporate massage and wellness services:
• Seated Massage (fully clothed treatment using an ergonomically designed chair)
• Indian Head Massage
• Reflexology
• Relaxing Swedish Couch Massage
Display Screen Equipment Assessments (*DSE Assessments)

The Benefits

Corporate massage and well-being treatments can improve employee productivity and engagement and fit easily into the daily work schedule.

Our services are a cost efficient way to reduce stress, alleviate physical and mental tension and are an effective way of looking after your staff, helping them to be more focused, energised and motivated.

Incorrect posture whilst working can be one of the main causes of upper body pain and tension, as well as fatigue, lack of focus and eye strain. Our combined massage and desk assessment packages are an excellent way to resolve employee discomfort.

Why Choose Us

• As DSE Assessors and massage therapists we feel this combined knowledge has given us a leading edge in providing your employees with first class individual care and advice.
• Experienced professional therapists – fully insured with The Federation of Holistic Therapist
• Personalised service
• Bespoke packages to suit your needs and events
• Mental Health at Work First Aiders


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