Online Well-being workshops for home workers 

How are you and your staff managing working from home?

In the Government announcement in September 2020 they stated

Office workers who can work effectively from home should do so over the winter. Where an employer, in consultation with their employee, judges an employee can carry out their normal duties from home they should do so” september.

This means that employees and self-employed workers could be facing at least another 6 months of working from home. Some of our clients are really enjoying working from home. However, many have said that they are finding themselves
working longer hours without a break, moving less, feel socially isolated, and are using equipment that is not set up for long term use.

The resources from our workshop can be taken away and used daily to help reduce stress and act as a reminder to look after their wellbeing in small bite sized chunks throughout the day wherever their workplace may be.

How can our workshops benefit you and your staff ? 

  1. Cost efficient way of delivering a well-being programme. 
  2. Excellent way to continue / or begin supporting your employees with a well-being programme.
  3. Connect with colleagues within your company regardless of location.
  4. No travel time or travel costs for staff to attend.
  5. The workshop size can accommodate up to 30 people in one session. 

Why choose our workshops?

We always emphasise on why! By explaining why, we can remove the “I have been told to approach” and instead encourage employees to really understand and remember how to look after their own wellbeing and to be more aware of what their
body is telling them.

We will be offering well-being workshops on a range of different subjects, the workshop below the first in our series !

Example Workshop

Workshop 1:

Maintaining a healthy well-being strategy whilst working from home

This workshop focuses on how to create a comfortable holistic workspace at home. Have a better understanding of your posture and how to make your workspace work better for you. Plus, discover why regular physical movement throughout
the day is so important. Try out some relaxing upper body exercises to keep you at ease all day and avoid tension to build up.