Seated Massage

Seated massage treatments involve working the soft tissue of the body, to ease day – to – day stresses and muscular tension, and promote relaxation. It helps to increase delivery of blood and oxygen to the treated areas. As with all massage treatments your therapist will can concentrate on specific area of the body, or problem areas. They will also adapt the pressure and techniques used to suit the client’s individual needs and preferences. This treatment is particularly popular with both men and women.

What to expect
Laura or Jo will start by doing a consultation with you to ensure massage is right for you.

The treatment itself you will remain fully clothed and you will sit comfortably in our ergonomic seated massage chair designed for maximum comfort and support.  Your therapist will then begin your treatment applying the right pressure for you. Always ask the therapist to adjust their pressure for you.

We offer a quick but effective 20 minute back neck and shoulder seated massage treatment, we will focus on the main areas you would like us to work on during this time. You will find this very relaxing and beneficial.

Our 40 minute seated massage treatments, allows us more quality time to provide you an overall relaxing back neck and shoulder massage working over the whole back and arms. We are also able to concentrate on specific problem areas.

We can cover everyones needs with regards to time available during your busy working day.

 Benefits of seated massage in the work place
 Seated massage is commonly used for staff in corporate organisations, as it can be carried out quickly and effectively. You also remain fully clothed throughout and the treatment is performed over your clothes using acupressure massage techniques.

 Work related stress can sometimes show in forms or headaches and muscle tension. Therefore, this treatment is ideal to help promote relaxation and ease those stiff muscles.

Massage should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.