Medway Clinical Commissioning Group

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Following from the success of our recent visit in July 2018 we are pleased to announce that we will be returning on a regular basis !

Our on site massage treatments enable you to have a little break away from your desk. It is so easy to sit for too long in one position and then we wonder why our body aches, the answer is to “move”.  We don’t mean jump up and down or do squats around the office as everyone would look and stare …… unless you can get everyone doing it with you then….. fantastic !!

However, what we suggest is every 20 minutes or so, grab a drink of water, do your filing or go and talk to someone in building at their desk instead of texting emailing or ringing them, or at the very least stand up at your desk and just have a stretch – you get the idea. Or if that really important document must be done and is taking hours then doing some little shoulder rolls and neck turns are a must to maintain good range of motion and to keep your joints, muscle and fascia tissue supple, this is especially important for the arm you use for your mouse.  We can help you with a few desk exercises too as we provide aftercare tips and advice after your treatments.

So why not drag yourself away from that desk for a few minutes and treat yourself to a treatment with us. You and your body deserve it. Our clients tell us that after their treatments they feel more relaxed, better focused and their back neck and shoulders feel less tense.


Treatments available:
20 minute –  Seated massage  – £13.50
20 minute –  Indian Head Massage  – £13.50
20 minute  – Hand OR Foot massage –  £13.50


We are next visiting on:

Thursday 27th September 12 noon – 2:00pm

Thursday 1st November 12 noon – 2:00pm

Thursday 29th November  12noon – 2:00pm

Thursday 13th December 12noon – 2:00pm

Treatments will take place in the quiet first aid room.

If you are unable to get an appointment to suit your work schedule, please email us directly requesting your preferred time. We will add you to our cancellation list and contact you should a time become available.

Please note all our treatments are adapted to accommodate work place settings therefore we do not use oil in our Indian Head Massage treatments unless requested. Also, our seated massage treatments are provided with the clients remaining fully clothed at all times.

 Treatments need to be booked in advance (see booking info instructions below) and are payable in cash only on the day directly to the therapist.

More information about each of the different treatments can be found in the “Treatments” tab in the menu at the top of this page.

Thank you for having a treatment with us!


Need help with your online booking? Follow these instructions:

  • Click book now button.
  • Choose your treatment.
  • Choose the date you require by scrolling through the calendar using the small black arrow (Our available dates will have a small green square under it).
  • Click on the date, choose a convenient time and then complete your details.
  • You will shortly be sent a confirmation email and then a reminder email two days before your appointment. You also have the facility to add the appointment to your calendar at the time of making the booking.
  • Please note that treatments are to paid directly to your therapist in cash on the day of your appointment, Thank you.


We would love to hear from you, so email or phone if you have a comment or question!