Incorrect desk posture is now becoming recognised as one of the reasons for lost working hours due to headaches, neck, back and limb problems.  

Our combined massage and desk assessment packages are an excellent way to resolve employee discomfort.     

Did you know that all employers have a duty under the Display Screen Regulations 1992 to train and advise ALL DSE users about the risks in DSE work and how to avoid these by safe, effective working practices, see the following ,link for more info:     

We at RevitaliseU-Kent have been specialising in staff well-being at work for a number of years now. From experience, through our staff well being treatments, we have found that many employees have minor neck and back issues relating to incorrect posture whilst at their desk, at home, on their phone and even driving. We are here to help staff work out what is causing their acute or chronic discomfort and discuss possible solutions with them. We quickly recognised that we needed to see some of our clients at their desk to provide a complete service, as incorrect desk posture is a very common problem. By providing a desk assessment we can help prevent staff from working in discomfort and possibly having to take time off sick as a result. Therefore, for us to provide this extra service, we contacted Posturite, one of the leading U.K. Businesses in ergonomic and product services and undertook their training to become Display Screen Equipment Assessors. We have several DSE options available below. Prices are available on request, please contact us for more information and to discuss what suits your business needs the best.     

Option One:  

RevitaliseU-Kent providing face to face assessment with detailed written report Summary of what is included:  

One to one 40 minute DSE user assessment with a qualified RevitaliseU-Kent DSE assessor.  

Adjustments to desk set up / work station made on the day where possible.  

One week post assessment a written summary report confirming completed DSE assessment of the staff member, any adjustments made on the day and of any further recommendation to consider. A more detailed report may be preferable when a member of staff is experiencing significant problems, please see Option three below. This report will only be returned to HR managers or person agreed by the organisation.     

Option Two: 

 E Learning DSE Assessment including a one to one desk set up check up. This is a great way to ensure your staff completes DSE user training with the additional flexibility of being able to pause the course and return to accommodate their work schedules. This is an easy to follow in-depth E Learning course, presented by an experienced physiotherapist / DSE ergonomic trainer / user assessor.  

On completion of their online training, staff will have the added benefit of having continued support by RevitaliseU-Kent. We will help staff to consolidate their E Learning training and will ensure they have set their desk up correctly by providing a 20 minute one to one at the desk check up. Staff will be able to ask questions and discuss any concerns relating to DSE.  

A DSE certificate will be provided once both the E Learning and one to one check up visit have been carried out 

Summary of what is included:  

40 minute E learning DSE User Assessment Training  

A test at the end of the online training to ensure competency of staff self awareness of their desk set up.  

20 minute One to One desk set up check with a RevitaliseU-Kent assessor.  

Summary check list provided to HR / Manager  

Individual employee certificate of completion which is valid for 1 year.  


Option 3:  

Your company provides the DSE assessment and RevitaliseU-Kent provide face to face follow up. 

 Summary of what is included:  

20 minute One to One desk set up check with a RevitaliseU-Kent assessor.  

Summary check list provided to HR / Manager     


Option four:  

Advanced One to One DSE Assessment for staff experiencing significant concerns Where an individual is experiencing significant concerns (musculoskeletal, stress, vision) a more detailed reported may be preferable. With the individual’s consent, the detailed report would give some background / history of the problem; current treatment strategies and prognosis and an idea of how much the issue might be work affected. In these circumstances RevitaliseU-Kent would arrange for this service to be carried out by Anthony Hilton Physiotherapist at Zoinomics. Price on request.     

Bolt on Massage options We have found through experience that after checking over a staff members desk, it is beneficial for them to receive a massage! Therefore we have a “Bolt On” massage service which can be added to any of our DSE options.  

Again we provide two options: 

Neck and Shoulder massage at the desk, available for 10, 15 or 20 minute slots.  

Seated massage, using an ergonomic chair away from the desk available for 20 minute slots.