Covid 19 update Monday 13th July 2020

Following the recent announcement we are over the moon to hear that the Government and its medical advisors have now deemed it safe for massage therapists to begin treating clients again!

What does this mean for RevitaliseU-Kent?

We will be in contact with the businesses we have been working with to discuss how and when we will be returning to your office. We are excited to be able to continue helping you support your staff and to share our new online services with you. We feel these new services will complement our current treatments and will provide you with even more options to look after your staff even if they are still working from home!

If you are a business in Medway, Kent or indeed beyond and would like to provide staff well-being treatments then do please get in touch as we have several ways in which we can support you with this. If Covid 19 has shown us anything, surely it is that we should all look after our physical and mental health and as corporate well-being specialists we have several ways that we can support businesses to look after their staff.

Our clinics

We are pleased to announce that Jo will be returning to her clinic at Tim Wood Healthcare on Wednesday 22nd July. There will be additional health and safety measures put into place that have already been established for some weeks by owner Tim who, as an Osteopath has been able to work for the last few weeks. These have been working well and have been receiving great feedback from clients. So if you have been experiencing aches and pains during lockdown or perhaps would like some well deserved pampering please contact Jo directly at and she will be able to talk you through the new booking system and pre booking medical questions.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Laura & Jo

Covid 19 Updated Statement 24th June 2020

We have just received this message from our membership body the Federation of Holistic Therapists:
“Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday that hairdressers and barbershops can re-open from 4 July, the government has just published Close contact services: Guidance for keeping workers and clients safe in close contact services. In this guidance, it is stated that other businesses in England offering close contact services, including massage, well-being and holistic services, are to remain closed “until further notice”
Jo & I are sorry that we are unable to provide you any further information, but we simply do not have it. This is a very difficult time for everyone and we are pleased that life is slowly returning to a way we once knew it. We will of course keep you updated as soon as we get any further information and hope to be able to work again soon.


Covid 19 Updated Statement 11th May 2020

Last night the government announced some first steps for slowly lifting lockdown while continuing to keep social distancing rules in place.  Whilst this is positive news and shows that we are going in the right direction, we all still need to continue to take responsible action in keeping everyone safe and not spread the virus, causing it to spike again. Some businesses have been told that they may go back to work if they cannot work from home. However, this is not possible for many hands-on professionals until social distancing guidelines have been relaxed by the Government and therapy governing bodies / associations advise that it is safe for both clients and therapists to work.

At RevitaliseU-Kent our clients are our top priority. Our health and safety and hygiene protocols are always of a high standard something which we take very seriously. In light of the Corona Virus pandemic we are reviewing our policies again to include Covid-19 guidance measures in preparation for when we can eventually see our clients again.  

Going forward, we hope to be able to provide well-being treatments and display screen assessments in your offices from September or October 2020. This may seem like a long way off, but we would prefer to be realistic, plan ahead, get it right, and look after your well-being.  Obviously, this will be reviewed regularly over the coming weeks or even months and we will be following our governing body guidance and what we think is safe practice that works for our business and you.  

We would like to take this opportunity to express that we are missing seeing all of our clients and we really appreciate everyone’s support during this unprecedented time. We hope that our regular updates and posts on general well-being tips are helpful whilst you are staying at home and staying safe. 

Finally, if you do need advice on remote home working or have muscular discomfort, please do hesitate to contact us directly. We will try and help you over the phone if we can. 

In the meantime please continue to stay home and stay safe, read, comment on and share our social media posts. 

Jo & Laura
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Regulated Members of The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

Please note that Jo will also keep you updated when she is able to return back to Tim Wood Healthcare Clinic in Wigmore. This could potentially be sooner than our RevitlaiseU-Kent proposed date due to it being a clinic-based treatment centre. However, agreement from our governing body (the FHT) will still need to be gained beforehand.



Covid 19 Statement 17th March

On 17th March 2020 we took the very difficult decision to cease all of our face to face treatments. We want to reassure you that Jo and Laura and their families are all healthy, however we find ourselves in the unprecedented situation where social distancing has become imperative to protect the health and wellbeing of not just ourselves and our clients, but globally.

When you are therapists, not being able to treat people because of the current restrictions is very difficult. We want to put our skills, training and knowledge to good use to help ease people’s tension, stress and anxiety at this difficult time, unfortunately that is not possible at the moment. But we hope to be back to work as soon as the Government and our Membership body allows .

If you would like any help or advise on self massage techniques, posture advice or working from home please do get in touch.

Please watch our website ad social media channels  as we will post any updates  and information when we have any.

In the mean time we wish you and your families well  during this very difficult time.

Laura & Jo.